That's how long my parent's have been married. They celebrate their anniversary this Sunday so I made this card for them with a gift card. My dad wants to renew their vows next year for their 30th Anniversary so I am going to start planning now :) Thanks for Looking! Have a great weekend!

I made these for my friend's wedding that is this coming weekend. My first wedding tin and candle set. I filled the tin with Thank You and Monogrammed cards. The last card I made for my parents to give to the newlyweds. I will post ours soon. Thanks for looking! :)

I hope everyone was able to enjoy their Sunday and Mother's day. We had a family BBQ and it was really nice :) I always enjoy getting together with everyone.
I was so busy last week with the car accident and everything else going on I almost ran out of time to finish my mother's day projects! I was scrambling all Sunday morning instead of enjoying it. At least they were finish in time :) I forgot to take pictures of my Mom's stuff and card, I made her an altered notepad, frame and goodie box filled with Macaroons.
I did take some last minute pictures of the tin I made for my mother-in-law though and she really loved it. She is always asking for cards so I thought this would be perfect :) It hold 20 cards, 10 monogrammed cards and 10 misc. cards i.e. thinking of you, Happy Birthday, etc.
Thanks for looking & Happy Monday! I am off to clean the tornado that went through my craft room and start on the wedding tin!

I started a new blog about my hobby and what I love to do so it will include all the projects that I work on and want to share :) I hope you enjoy them. This post is all about Teacher Appreciation week. I made two simple gift sets for our son's teacher and paraprofessional assistant and I plan to give them to them tomorrow morning. I hope they like them. I know I had alot of fun making them. I'd love this as a gift! Let me know what you think.
Handmade gift set
Handmade Cards
Altered Notepad
Handmade gift set
homemade card
Altered Notepad

Alright, now I am off to finish Mother's Day projects and finish doing laundry! Oh boy!! :)
I hope everyone is enjoying their day.