I got this wonderful award, from Kim over at My Crafting Creations!! Thanks so much!
Wear this badge proudly on your blog and share it with friends. Share this award with 10 people that you think have Cricut-tastic blogs. You also have to tell 5 cricut related things about yourself.

1. I am a Cricut newbie, I have been papercrafting for almost 3 years and just got my Cricut Expression this past Christmas from my wonderful Hubby.

2. I have 42 cartridges already! Oh my gosh, that is crazy.....I just counted!! hahaha!

3. I love all the options available with the cricut, possibilities are endless!

4. I just learned how to clean my old mats completely and re-stick them and it works awesome!:) (I have 7 mats.)

5. I am addicted to all things cricut now!! :) Thanks to my wonderful friend Stacey! Check out her blog! Before her I didn't even want a cricut, I was happy with my stamps and big shot. Her blog is DEFINITELY Cricut-tastic!!

Now  10 people that are Cricut-tastic! 
1. Stacey- My Cricut inspiration!
2. Mary at Cardztv- Awesome videos
3. Amanda- Awesome projects!!
4. Sarah- Love her videos and projects.
5. Jennie- Love her blog!! :)
6. Tanya- Great Projects!!
7. Mari- Can't forget Momo!! Another great inspiration!
8. Minta- Love her blog too!
9. Paula- Super cricut projects!
10. Jojo- I love her wonderful projects and spirit! :) 

Take time to check out all of these wonderful cricut inspired blogs! Have a Great day friends!! :)